Pickles n’ Tickles provides an individualized  family-centered Infant Development Program incorporating parents, siblings and other significant people into learning opportunities in the child’s natural environment. 
A primary provider/team coach will be assigned to each family with a team of Early Intervention Providers available for specialized consultation based upon the individual needs. We work collaboratively as a team, lending specialized support and training to your family as well as to each other. 

Individualized Services

· Occur In-home & other Natural Environments

 Are Strength-Based & Family-Focused

 Enhance Parents’ Confidence & Competence

 Incorporate Everyday Routine Activities

 Include fun & enjoyable activities for families

 Offer Support, Modeling & Coaching

 Respect Family Values & Culture 

Our Early Intervention/Infant Development Program:
Helps build strong parent-child relationships
Supports you in developing competence & confidence in understanding your child’s unique needs

Promotes your child’s growth and development through bonding, fun and learning activities

We Believe:

·         Each child has unique and individual needs
·         Children learn best through everyday experiences and routines
·         Children learn best in their natural environment where they feel comfortable and secure
·         Children learn best with people they love and when learning is fun! 
A strong parent-child relationship is important for the child’s growth and development and success     
        in everyday activities
·         Strong parent-child relationships with successful children makes parents feel successful
·         Parenting abilities are enhanced through support, modeling and coaching
·         Feeling successful is important to positive parenting

Together We:

·         Observe and discuss ways you and your baby interact with each other
·         Discuss your parenting strengthens
Discuss specific things you & your child can do together to carry on learning throughout the week within your     daily routines and activities
Discuss specific things you & your child can do together to help you enjoy each other, bond together, & feel successful
·         Look at how your child is growing and developing by conducting developmental assessments every 6 months

Parents Will Learn To:

Enjoy being together more Make routines like meals, bath-time, and diaper changing more enjoyable and      have more fun together during play time!

Better understand your child’s signs and cues
Learn what your child is telling you.  Understand what he wants and when your child is feeling hungry, tired, sleepy, sick, or sad.

Feel successful as a parent
by learning how to help your child when your child needs you
- Learn skills which will make feedings, diaper changing, and sleeping easier, smoother and enjoyable rather than stressful.

Feel successful as a parent by helping your child to cooperate
- Learn how to get and keep your child’s   attention, and how to help your child get over being fussy.

Help your child learn about the world through PLAY
Learn to understand your child’s development and which toys and activities are right for him.  Get down to your child’s level and let your child take the lead in his play.

Adapted from the Children’s Home Association of Illinois Good Beginnings Program.